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Simple really. Name your fav. games that you played last year. They could have been released before '09 but you must have played it to put on the list.

In no order:

Batman Arkham Asylum: I don't think anyone expected this game to be so great. Finally a decent comic based game! Everything was polished, gameplay was fluid, the stealth elements worked, and the story was pretty good.

Uncharted 2: Took everything from the first game and made it bigger. One of the best games in terms of story and characters.

Audiosurf: If you have a PC, get Steam and download this gem! It's hard to explain but it's a puzzle racer with a similar set up to GH but the music comes from your collection. It only cost £1.50.

Assassin's Creed 2: I wasn't really interested until all the reviews and players started to rave about it. Ubisoft actually managed to improve a current gen title! They havent done that since Ghost Recon: AW, and that was years agao. Certainly worth a buy.

WoW: Wrath of the Litch King: I for one didn't enjoy The Burning Crusade as all the quests seemed to be designed for tanks rather than rogues. If it wasn't for the gleaming expansion pack to follow I would have given up. In theory I'm 50% through it at lvl 75 and it's been amazing. One of the best quests so far has been raiding the Undead Undercity with the King of Stormwind.
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Also, in no apparent order:

Batman Arkham Asylum: Beautiful and extremely fun, this game took everything I love about Batman and made it about 15 times more badass... Can I get a 'Explosion Punch'?

Brutal Legend: Pretty much a game made for me. Best soundtrack of 2009 games by far, brilliantly written and bastard-loads of fun.

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl: Just got back into it after a long Smash Brothers hiatus... Good to be back.

Assassin's Creed 2: Mainly because it's possible to kill people with brooms, maybe because the free-running is so brilliantly reworked, Assassin's Creed 2 brought back the reason why we should start trusting UbiSoft again...

Mirror's Edge: Almost feel the wind rush through your hair as you plummet of skyscrapers to your death. Mirror's Edge got first-person platforming right, despite the lack of freedom that it promised us.

There's mine, note that I only got BL and AC2 on Christmas, so they've left some impression.
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Persona 4: Gawd seriously... I've been so underhwlemed by the Ps2 and this comes along. Ok the intro goes on too long but: Great diffaculty (far, hard and strategic. AWESOME), great characthers (realistic, and not just dtock cliches), great custimaztion, great bosses, great story, really insightful and nearly impossiable awesome

Mario Kart Wii: Take the 2 best Mario Karts (Ds and 64), take the best stuff from each of them and fuse it together, while balancing it out. Add more characthers than ever before, while still keeping the game balanced. Have tracks from the old game, but actualyl carefulyl pick the 16 best. Add online play. Result= win. Though Drybones was nerfed Frown

Valkriye Profile Covenant of the Plume: The best Srpg on the DS, by a good distance (although Devil Surviour is pretty good and Hero Saga isn't bad). Great story, great lead, unique mechanics, GREAT PACE (something other 2 vps lacked), coherant (agains), great ost. And very well done gameplay paths.

Devil Surviour: Because 2nd place is still awesome

Batman Arkham Asylum: Because its the god dam batman
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