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I have discovered something called the S4 League on the Net, which is pure genius.

S4 League is the abbreviation of "Stylish eSper Shooting Sports League". Which are a combination of games that are held in various arenas. Various game modes are present, and although a lot of the maps look like they take place in our world at first glance, you realise that they are definitely not, and take place in a virtual world, as when you die, you fall into a haze of zeros and ones. The skies and buildings are covered in screens that show you the progress of the match and of your character in real time, which makes it seem surreal, almost as if you're playing in a futuristic Gameshow.

It's a third person shooter, completely Free 2 Play, and has remarkable sound, gamplay and Polish for an F2P game. It hasn't got the graphical integrity of AVA or the complexities of F2P MMORPGs, but it's not meant to be. It's meant to be a stylish and fun game in which you kit your avatar out in the most badass gear you can find and then engage in team based killing and/or sporting objectives.

Playing touchdown mode? I bet it's harder to get the ball into the goal against a team of people with dual SMGs!!! Or indeed, an Energy Launcher as seen below.

The HUD appears as below, with the background to the game being a cool, hip future. Fans of a more Dystopic genre won't be too pleased, as the soundtrack, graphics and attitude of the game are fresh and upbeat. After a day of work, S4 does make me grin in the evenings.

The matches are so much like a sporting event, that there's even a half time in which mascots dance for a brief 30 seconds to give you a relief from the pace of automatic fire. While the graphics don't look too good in the screens, my PC and (with most likelyhood for those who PC game a lot) it will probably look great for the majority of Gamers on GTN.

The Game play is stylish and extrovert, fast and furious, but not over the top like other stylish shooters (Devil May Cry), which leads to you feeling a bit more human and vulnerable, which I'm guessing was the game's intention. I have yet to explore most of the weapons like LMGs and Tactical Shotguns, but right now I'm happy with my Dual SMGs, Revolver and rifle.

I'll probably give people updates as I learn more, but I was blown away by this game, and even more so because something as sheer fun and polished as this is totally FREE.

I recommend people who want a light hearted thrash and who want to add some serious style to their gaming repertoire should pick this baby up and give it a whirl!


I have just discovered another mode called "Chaser" mode. It features a reaper who chooses one player in the Lobby to become "The chaser". The rest (Sometimes over ten players!!!) become it's opponents. The Chaser has a ridiculously large amount of health and is almost impossible to kill, moves faster and reloads faster, but is very inconspicuous as you have a giant reaper following you.

All players are paper weak, sometimes dying if they get hit once. It takes a lot of skill to be a player in chaser game, and you need to make full use of all skills to evade the deadly chaser. The chaser is only these for around 60 seconds, and then another one is chosen. You gain points for surviving the round, and you also get given seperate points for dealing damage to the chaser, which increases your marks in the end. It will take eight players literally emptying several mags into the chaser to kill it, and if it's killed, the next round begins with another chaser, and the killing blow gets additional points.

It's a ridiculously fun and challenging game of cat and mouse that is merciless. But when you clock on to what it's about, It sets the pulse going more than anything else can.

The Reaper can be seen below:

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i've heard of this, but i'm no good with a keyboard and mouse. my comp isn't the best for fast-paced gaming, either. definitely seems interesting though.
It is, which is amazing. The specs aren't too challenging, which is why I thought the majority of GTN Gamers (who probably invested in their 360 more than their PC) would appreciate it.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Initial post has been updated.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
It's a good game for what it is, if it was actually a retail game or subscription based it wouldn't have much of a following. It's just good fun for free. You can buy weapons and costumes with cash, and for a modest amount at that. £5 will get you all the weapons and clothes you need. I haven't played the game that much and although there are some sweet looking costumes I don't think I'll be paying right now. The only advantage is getting them before the level limit.
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The costumes really are badass looking. I'm gonna spec my guy up soon, and end up with a true S4 Leaguer. In the end... I will rule the world!!! ... of S4...

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Through hard work and dedication or buying points?
England is my city
Right now I've gathered like 40,000 PEN and have only bought minimal equipment so that when I get to the better levels, I can get better items. However, the items in the AP shop give you a better boost than the PEN shop items...

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
huh. Doesn't seem like my kind of game. Not only am I suckish in third-person, but I mainly play Combat Arms (used to be AVA as well but my pc clan stopped playing it Frown )

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