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Around this time last year we had two titles known as Infamous and Prototype. Both of these games gave you: a big city to run around in, and a man with powers. Both of these games came out close to each other and for weeks on end there were raging discussions about which game was better. But as I like to experience as many games as possible, I got them both and came to the conclusion that both of them started off great, but eventually the flaws became so apparent that the games rendered themselves unplayable for the final sections.

You may be thinking "What does this have to do with two racing games a year on?". Well, basically it's the same premise, two similar games out at the same time, yet both are actually quite different to each other. Activision were involved with Blur and Prototype, but that's not important. I'm here to give you a summary of the two games in case you want one of them, or both, or neither.

Split Second: You are a driver that has been hired for the TV show, Split Second. Your job is to race rivals and use power plays to your advantage.

As you race, you'll fill up an energy bar. There are three in all and each one can be used to trigger a power play that'll manipulate the environment. Maybe a car will explode, a chopper will drop explosives on a rival. You may also miss and or wreck yourself. If you wait long enough you can even change the race course itself.

All in all it's like Burnout except you can do much more than just shunt your opponent. This is an arcade racer so do not expect realistic handling or even real cars, they are all fictional.

Where you come in an event determines the number of credits you get. Credits unlock cars and Elite Races. You'll need to come in a top position in that race to unlock the next episode.

Each episode is made up of events and in each episode there is a bonus event that can be unlocked. You earn credits fast, so you may be able to get to the next episode before you've seen half of the previous one's content. This isn't too bad, but it makes me feel a little rushed.

Other events, apart from the standard lapped races are:

Air Strike - You have three lives, a helicopter is firing rockets at you. Dodge more waves to rack up a combo. Either come first or wreck three times to end the event.

Demolition- One lap against the clock but all the power plays are being used against you. Track knowledge is vital.

Survival- You and other cars vs huge trucks that drop explosive barrels. Same rules as Air Strike.

Blur: The first thing you'll notice, if you play this after Split Second, is that it doesn't feel as fast. In truth, it isn't but it's made up for in intensity. If once phrase could sum up this game it would be, "I must do better".

Instead of earning credits, you earn lights, and to earn cars you have to accumulate fans. Lights are won by winning the event and fans are won by being aggressive to the other drivers, taking a top position, defending yourself from attacks. The list goes on, but the game takes a while to open up.

Like recent NFS titles, you are a street racer who wants to get to the top. To do this you must prove yourself to your rivals and eventually take them all on in a one-v-one race. Simple.

The cars in this game are all real models, so at first the situation feels a bit odd. A Land Rover dropping land mines???? These races are much bigger, there are 20 racers and there's a lot of stuff going on at once. The graphics aren't as nice and the HUD takes a up a fair portion of the screen, but you'll soon forget it and start to have fun.

Apart from winning the race, you may choose to take on fan challenges which will be essential to unlocking new cars and earning the bonus light at the end of the race. The game always lets you know where you stand and seeing what lights you still have to earn on each race is simply displayed by it. However, you must still win the race to make it count.

As you race, you can collect up to three power-ups and shift through them. Some of them are simple projectiles, other are area attacks and some only deploy at the front of the race. Strategy is important and getting the right powers at the right time and using them effectively can determine the race's outcome. Even on Normal, this game puts up a fight. If you want to learn the ropes, then turn it down for the first few events. You won't lose progress or anything.

So far I've only encountered standard racing, one-v-one races and a mode where you have to use power-ups to wreck opponents to claim the top score, but reviews hint at other modes as well. There's certainly a lot here to keep gamers occupied. The fan challenges are also and incentive to retry past events, especially if you are an achievement junkie.

Both games offer something different, and it for that reason, it's hard to say which is better. On the surface, they may look the same, but if you play them, you'll find something else. The controling in Blur, may take some getting used to, but it's no big deal. On the other hand Split Second's cars seem to weigh almost nothing at all so it's a good contrast. Both have two player off line modes and online MP. I also advise playing your own music in the background.
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i would just point out that for Blur, there are different classes of cars ranging from D to A. you can't even race with A-class cars until you're a high enough level, but the game does feel very fast when using those.
other modes for online play include said A-class races, as well as 10 or 20 person races and demolition, which is essentially a deathmatch. there are others, but those were just the 4 available in the demo.
oh yeah, forgot about that; thanks for the reminder. I've only unlocked C class cars so far, but I haven't been able to try them as all the races I've done are D.
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I only own split/second. i am almost done it with acutally. im just working on getting first in all events. and getting a online form of 1.
But overall i really enjoy Split/second over blur. easier to get into than blur was.
That's true, but Blur can be really addictive in its own way, like getting all the fans and lights for each event, I've unlocked two new rivals and I'm still trying to get perfect score on the first. And I hardly player racers so it'll take a while.

Blur could have also been neater in terms of the HUD. Split Second is really discreet and perfectly placed. Even just a smaller one for Blur would be better.
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That was one of my main comments when we played it together. The HUD in S/S is so discreet and professional looking. It makes Blur looks dated in comparison.

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Blur's been getting really good and I'm still on the early stages. S/S only has the power plays to mess around with but once you learn to use the powerups in Blur effectively it really helps, not only do you gain positions in the race but you get more fans, which leads to better rewards, like cars and bonus lights at the end of the event.
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Blur I don't know, but Split/Second seems awesome. At first, of course, I was like... ehhh... it won't be good b/c it's from Disney... I've been hearing more about it though and it seems... well... look up^^^^^
Just because something is made by Disney doesn't mean that it's bad or immature or whatever. But that's just from me, and in all fairness, I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, so I guess I may be quite biased.

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oh Kingdom Hearts is Disney? *slaps self* duh....

yeah I love Kingdom Hearts although I don't play it since I don't have any sony game systems
Yeah man...Whats with the stereotyping??
I suppose there is a certain view that Disney is for children. But in the end, this game isn't exactly gory or anything? It's a PG at best, just like Burnout.

That's all you need to make a racing game a barrel of fun.

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at first the disney thing was an issue...then i played the game and all fears were gone.
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makes sense. although, my mom has already told me CoD 7 is the next game I am getting. Does anyone know if it can be pre-ordered yet?
Your mom said what?

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makes sense. although, my mom has already told me CoD 7 is the next game I am getting. Does anyone know if it can be pre-ordered yet?
Originally Posted by B52 Flya
Yes, it is, i know you can at least reserve in store.
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Yes, it is, i know you can at least reserve in store.
Originally Posted by Blank Planet

I really wanted that game before the trailer came and I wanted it even more when I saw the trailer. I'm gonna go to GameStop ASAP (after I get back from Scotland, which I leave tomorrow).
What on earth is GameStop?

And back on topic, I was just thinking how gorgeous the graphics in S/S are (sounds like I'm talking about stormtroopers. :P). Whenever I think of a game that makes my eyes trip out, that's the one.

And man, Simon, your tracks make every race a blast to remember.

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Gamestop is a US game retailer...really didn't think that would need an explanation, but here we are.
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I figured if he was in Scotland, he was flying back to the UK.

And I've never heard of GameStop here...

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