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I recently picked up the game Kane & Lynch "Dead men" for the 360. When I was looking up a review at IGN.com, I noticed a small article that claims there will be a short comic-book series coming out based on this game. The comics will fill the gap between "Dead men", And the upcoming release "Dog Days". If your into k&L, And are interested in comic-books, Check this link out for more info:
IGN: Kane & Lynch
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this was a series i thought i might get in to, but i never did after hearing mixed things about it. if i ever change my mind, this is definitely something i'd check out.
I did like the original Kane and Lynch, but at the same time, there are other games I would get before it, or a comic...

I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of gaming. Being broke a LOT doesn't help.

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Yes I hear that! Im new to the XBOX 360, And I have only played 2 games so far. There is a great deal of stuff I want to play, And I really just want to play every time I have some time, And start going through my LONG list of titles. I found this article interesting as I do read comic books, And like Splinter Cell (I am a major fan!) Enjoy how there is continuing material that ties into the game, Like the Splinter Cell novels. Or how with The Chronicles Of Riddick, "Escape From Butcher Bay" and "Assault On Dark Athena" appear in the timeline of the movies. But honestly, I need to play way more and like you, "Catch up" And lay down some sessions!
Hear Hear. I get paid for 4 weeks next week, and after I get my hands on a shiny HDTV, I'm gonna get some quality gaming catch up done.

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