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One of the most anticipated games of 2010 is out in just a few days. Normally I'm not an RTS fan, but I have always enjoyed Blizzard games and feel like I missed out on never playing SC1; which will come with my collectors edition.

Anyone else excited?

If you are unable to play SC2, then other games that may interest you are Mafia 2, which is out in the US Aug 24th and EU 27th. Halo Reach, I believe is coming mid September as usual with normal, limited, and legendary editions plus a new slim-lined 360 Reach exclusive design (Silver in colour) with two matching Reach controllers. Bungie and Bliz know how to make fans happy!
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I'll be picking Starcraft 2 up when I have some cash to spare. Unfortunately, there are other games I have in high priority, so I may not actually get this until closer to Christmas. I was a huge fan of the original though, so I'm eager to get it! Smile
It's an awesome game. Haven't played much but thankfully theres a casual mode for people like me who don't normally play RTS. must admit if this wasn't made by Blizzard I'd skip it.
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I can't wait for Mafia 2, but I highly doubt it's coming out in August. (I was an avid fan of Mafia and, well, 2k Czech has consistently pushed the release date back... I mean, it's been seven years or something ridiculous.)
starcarft 2 for kids i hate this type games.
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starcarft 2 for kids i hate this type games.
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Originally Posted by comuni
And your idea of a "grown up" game is....? Oh let me guess. Halo.
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I caved and bought it the other day. I absolutely love it to bits. I've been playing pretty much non-stop for the past 2 days. If anyone fancies a game sometime, add me Name: Jonny Character #: 685.
Gross... I can imagine you fan-girling all over this, Jon...

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Did you get the special edition or the normal edition?

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
I just bought the regular edition. It's already overpriced as it is. The only extras you get from the special edition are a few World of Warcraft decals and avatars. Didn't seem worth it!
Speaking as someone who has the CE:

- The first two games on a memory stick and obviously SC2
- a hard cover art book 176 pages
- the soundtrack
- issue 0 of a comic that you can't get anywhere else
- making of dvd
- the wow stuff

if anything the special edition was under-priced. especially when you consider the "hardened" edition of MW2 that cost the same as this and all that came with was a metal case,a book and COD 1.
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Well fair enough, I'm just not that big on the franchise to warrant me buying the Special Edition. I bought the Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition and all I got for my extra money was the soundtrack, art book and some postcards. So I'd be a hypocrite if I said it wasn't 'worth' the money if you're really into the game. Didn't mean any offense by it! Smile

Anyone else think the campaign missions are really difficult when you're shooting for all three of the achievements? It's taking me ages to do the campaign because I keep replaying. Haha.
Ugh, the campaign is hard enough for an RTS noob like me. And I'm playing on the easiest setting. Still enjoying it though. I'm on a mission where i had to decide to help the doctor or the protoss. After getting my ass kicked numerous times by the protoss i decided to go back, and opted to kill all the zerg things instead, but i've been taking a break for a couple of days.
England is my city
I totally fangirled over FFXIII. I got the normal edition, but I definitely think I'm gonna get the limited edition. I just love that feeling of having it. Plus, I have been patiently waiting for it since the first screenshots in 2002. Man, I will definitely save up and buy it when I go back to the UK.

Maybe I'm mad, and maybe it's a waste of money. But I love it.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator

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