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We are a Multi-Platform Gaming Clan

-We are an expanding Clan. With (5) Divisions.
* BattleField Bad Company 2 PS3(ONLY RECRUITING 12 SPOTS)
* BattleField Bad Company 2 PC(RECRUITING)
* BattleField Bad Company 2 X-Box 360(RECRUITING)
* Modern Warfare 2 PS3(RECRUITING)
* Modern Warfare 2 X-Box 360(RECRUITING)

-Our Members want to have fun, and want to do well when they play online games. The games that we play are:
* BattleField Bad Company
* BattleField Bad Company 2
* BattleField 1943
* Modern Warfare 2
-We currently have 112 members on PS3, 17 on 360, and only 8 on PC which is why we really need more members, and only want 12 on PS3.

-To join PS3: Fill out a member application here: GHST-_-R3CON Member Application OR contact ghst-_-R3CON2(me) on PSN OR POST HERE.

-To join X-Box 360: Fill out a member application from above OR contact ghst R3CON RWR or ghst R3CON DJ or F3aRLeSxNinJA ON X-Box Live OR POST HERE.

-To join PC: Fill out member application OR contact SINdycate on PC OR Click The Image:

-Stay active on PSN and Clan Forums
-Change Clan Tag to (R3C)
-Rank 20+, K/D Ratio of 1.05 or above, W/L Ratio of 1.10 or above
-Stay active on Live and Clan Forums
-Change Clan Tag to (R3C)
-Rank 20+
-Stay active on PC and Clan Forums
-Change Clan Tag to (R3C)

i'd be tempted to get in on some bad company 2, but i'm going to have too many other games to play well in to next year, so i better not.
i don't suppose you guys will also play Reach when it comes out?
I do not know about Reach.... we try to stay fully multi-platform... MoH is a definite and Black Ops is a possibility...
Tides we are planning on playing reach. I am pre-ordering it and i will mostly play with friends till more fill up the division. wolf, please don't go about telling divisions yet, we will not be a black ops division but you are welcome to play it. I personally will get it.
oh, by the way guys... we are having a Black Ops division! (360 only)
not sure if i'm playing that one yet. we'll have to see.

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