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With only 12 days left in the year, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on this year's game releases. There was Final Fantasy XIII in March, Red Dead Redemption in May, Halo Reach in September, and of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in November. So, what are some of your favorite games from this year?
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as weird as it is, i really liked Just Cause 2, but i suppose Reach would be my favorite just because of the sheer amount of time i've spent on it. Forge is a lot of fun, in particular.

hopefully i'll be able to get to some of the other holiday titles early next year, though.
I love FFXIII. Unlike the others, I can play it only in doses of around 3-4 hours rather than 8 hours straight. Some might find this a bad thing. However, I find this incredibly useful, as I never get overly anxious and take time to breathe. The storytelling is masterful and really gets under my skin. I can see how some would dislike it, and sometimes I get frustrated too, however, it's my main love this year in terms of Asian games.

Now, for western games. My favourite is of course Mass Effect 2. OH MY GOD. I've completed it 4 times and I'm on my fifth playthrough and I'm still not bored with the story they've got lined up here. It is perhaps the best futuristic universe out there, on par with the Star Ocean Universe in my opinion, which has long been held as the deepest and most well thought out future universe of any game series. The characters are marvellous, and of course I have my favourites... Even though I tell myself "This playthrough, I will seduce Miranda" or Jack or whatever, I really always seem to find myself falling for Tali. Same for Garrus. He's such a badass to have around, with his no nonsense, yet just attitude.

This game really blows my mind, and has no way to go but better for Mass Effect 3. What a Masterpiece Bioware... You've done this boy proud.

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I'm with Tariq on this one.

But not about the FFXIII thing, on the ME2 thing.


That game blew everything out of the water this year, as far as Xbox games are considered. I fucking LOVE that game, It's absolutely amazing and I'll probably be playing it until ME3 is finally released.
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ME2 was great, the atmosphere was still there for sure, but i was disappointed with how they just scrapped so much of the inventory/RPG side of things. also, adepts were a joke this time around if you play anything higher than normal.
i'm just hoping they revisit the stats and equips, because i enjoyed that aspect of the game.
Hopefully they'll make the RPG element return and streamline it, however, I never found myself ever thinking shepards armour and equipment ever looked out of place. But even saying that, I find playing as a soldier unnerving in ME2 as shepard seems to be carrying two weapons AND a heavy weapon on his back... surprised he doesn't get a hernia from carrying that nuke launcher.
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Hi guys!
I like Transformers War for Cybertron.....First i had like to say...thank you high moon studios...thank you for giving Transformers fans like myself and others a great game based on a beloved franchise. it's about time someone did so cause this game is 1,000 time better......
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Splinter Cell: Conviction. I've been with the series from the beginning. Great stuff...
Halo Reach was pretty good and Black Ops was better.
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My favorite game is probably Red Dead Redepmtion. That game was a ton of fun. Using Dead Eye was fun.

There's actually a promotion going on related our favorite games in 2010. Thought this would be appropriate for this thread.

Raptr is giving away a chance to win a free game of choice by tweeting your favorite game of 2010 on Twitter. Check out the contest here:
Just entered. Thanks Kahema. Hope I win a free game! I chose Heavy Rain as my favorite game last year.
FFXIII was amazing, but because of work I didn't have any time to play it =[ It was traded in towards Reach, but I will buy it again once work takes a chill pill and leaves me with open time to dedicate to an amazing RPG.

Halo: Reach made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. It is Bungie's crowning achievement [aside from the Halo Franchise in itself]. Multiplayer is always a great experience, and I will never ever tire of Forge World.

Fable III, ME2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Just Cause 2 are also amazing and note worthy games I'm in the process of enjoying. I have yet to get AC: Brotherhood which gives me a serious sad =[
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My favorite 2010 game was Call of Duty Black Ops.
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