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Hey everyone, I'm starting a new project for GTN. I will be making my own Video Channel and I will be posting all the videos here.

Videos will vary from reviews, countdowns, and simple guides.

My first video will be as the title states, "Biggest Badasses of Gaming 2010 Edition."

Simple rules, so lets start with that first.

  1. Post 1 or 2 characters that you believe were badasses of gaming.
  2. Post why you believe that person is a badass. 1 or 2 sentences please.
  3. Could be a good guy or bad guy, no limitations.
  4. Can be male or female, and from any Console.
Well no more waiting, lets start!
I'll have to go with Commander Shepard for his galaxy-saving abilities and Bond-esque smooth-talking, as well as Sam "Serious" Stone because he's an unstoppable killing machine that represents the FPS genre in its purest form.
Great idea! This is a tough one, but I'm going with Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. It's not often that we see a female leader in a RPG with some slick attitude and ability. Plus, she can summon some crazy beasts in battle. That's about all I can say without spoilers. Wink
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I would have to go with Starkiller from the Star Wars: the force unleashed 2.

What one man army can take on the empire, Vader, and thousands of storm troopers?
The one and only STARKILLER!
Just for your information, I am also taking polls elsewhere to help increase the speed on supplying you guys with the videos.
Sam Fisher. PERIOD.
I haven't forgotten about this project, it just had a few speed bumps, but I will continue it soon.

If possible, can we close this thread and I will create a new one once I'm fully capable of getting this done.

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