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Hey guys. Im not the biggest and baddest fan of this series, But I have enjoyed everything that has been done In Sams world. I love the novels too. I currently do not own any handheld systems, Mostly due to the lack of an award system. However, I am considering picking up this system obviously for the new SC title, And also because It would be kinda cool to have something to play when Im not home. In the past, I picked up a Sony PSP as soon as I found out SC Essentials was going to be an exclusive to that platform. It was great. I really enjoyed the benefits of owning a handheld. But I ended up selling it on ebay. Nowadays I record everything I play, And its all HD. Honestly, I am really behind in my games as editting videos takes forever. And just the whole recording process bogs things down, But its alot of fun. Anyway, New systems cost money and theres alot of games I want to do already. If I wasn't into SC this wouldn't be any kind of issue, But theres prolly thousands of reasons I should do this, And a thousand more telling me this all gimmicky, Marketting trash. Anyway, In the end, I'd LOVE to have some new SC material to play. And its all about the games we love to play. Amen.

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