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There has been some news that some games are better on the 360 then on the PS3. This seems strange, as the games should at least be more fluid on the PS3, even without the enhanced graphical and RAM capabilities...

A penny for your thoughts?

And are there any games you find the above opinion agrees with?
Rainbow Six Vegas: Better on 360 in terms of graphics might be the same with 2.

I dont know what it is but most games ported to ps3 suffer framerate and graphical fade issues.
Could it be due to some developers lack of advanced bluray writers? It's probaly gonna take a while for them to become bluray compatible in terms of production... for movies is one thing, but games are another story...
maybe but pcs come with blu ray drives now. but yeah they just need to get used to the system. 360 is just easier to work with as its standard dvd and developers have mastered that. games dont need to be on blu ray to look good (crysis proved that) its just for memory even though bodies/bullet holes/cars disappear still. and then hideo kojima says theres not enough space on one for mgs4.
Lol... You think games like FFXIII may even need the old fashioned disk change on bluray?
well with all the movies maybe but i dont know.
Assassin's Creed and Orange Box had glaring issues on the PS3 as well. if their AAA titles like MGS4 and FFXIII are the only ones that can overcome these issues, then there's a problem.
my freind had AC on ps3 and although the graphics were still amzing there were some framerate drops. Same with Vegas 2 but apparently that happens on both. I really dont know why developers cant sit down to think these hings through, with "next gen" these problems should be easier to fix right?
the hardware only gets more powerful, not necessarily easier to work with.
i cant remember what game it was but there was a ps3 title delayed as the developer was finding it hard to work with. May have been GTA4.
May have been... such alarge are of city in such a large and powerful machine would easily heat the disc and such. Even oblivion was slow paced, as the fastest things were your feet or you horse.

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I never encountered any problems but then again it was on 360/ps3
Yeah.... definitely... and my new sig says it all.

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what? that you spent too much time looking for it?
Nah.... Just changed it for your benefit... this is how much I care.... Big Grin

But I'm wondering... Why would Vegas 2 face the same issues as on Vegas 1 for the PS3? That's very odd...

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its because ubi couldnt be bothered to change anything.
So it really was just an expansion with beefed up gameplay...

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it was just an expansion with rpg elements.

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