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Hey all TimedEaglet here

This is for all you Hardcore gamers,do you hate it when your in a multiplayer game and someone joins in who is not that good?????,

Im just wondering as i really enjoy online gaming but im not what you call a kick ass game player and so im half afraid to play some games on multiplayer as i dont want to spoil someones game whos trying to do really well, I wouldnt spoil there game on purpose its just im not that good at games then most,

I would really like to get more into black ops as im only level 13 but as im not a great player i dont want to ruin the game for everybody else, I dont take games seriously as i like to have a laugh and meet new people but at same time try my best and so i have been playing combat training so that way the ai wont yell at me lol ,

Thoughts or views please gamers.
the percentage of gamers that actually take them seriously is rather small, so you really shouldn't worry about it. sure, most people want to win, but that's not going to happen all the time, so stressing out over it isn't good for anyone involved.
think of it this way: people are going to give you crap at all levels of skill, so there's no sense worrying about what others think.
Thats true mate,cheers for the reply,think i will give black ops a go at some point as am starting to find combat training a bit boring now as have reached max level.
Call of Duty is almost as over rated as halo,But to answer your question the only thing I hate is when people quit.
Yeah i have noticed that when ppl quit its not liked,well i cant blame them if there playing a shooter online in team match and there a player down.
I would consider myself a semi-hardcore gamer. Above all else I like to win. With that said, I know that I will not win them all. I don't really play to much with random people but when I do I have no complaints against those at the bottom of the leader board. I understand its just a game so it doesn't bother me. You have a right to play the game just as every one else, and assuming the game works correctly it should try to match you with like skilled players and the more you play the better job it does at doing so.

When playing in combat training, what skill level would you put the opponent at? Work on getting it set the hardest level, that should help you online. The main thing in Black ops is you have to have quick reaction times and be able to hold a steady site.
Cheers for your reply buddy,

yeah im gonna up the ai skill on combat training,

on black ops multiplayer i do like that bare bone challenge, i think thats what its called, everyone has the same settings,no killstreaks etc, i do enjoy that.
anyone want to play left 4 dead? Expert realism,Sucky players not invited. Not only do you suck ass players not know how to play but you also quit mid game.

Thank you send me a message if you are interested.

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