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Us being gamers, we all take pride on how good we play, for some of us we pride ourselves on how good we play a certain game, then there is those of us who pride ourselves on our video game collection.

One thing I've always noticed is how no one ever shows how their setup looks at home. So I am asking you one questions....what does your setup look like?

This is mine...
Here is my setup but not a good as urs mate.
I am sooooo jealous!

I've been looking for a Super NES but have been unable to find one.
Been going to swapmeets and junk sales to find one at a good price.
I got it off e bay last yeah for around £30 with 3 games, 2 controllers and the also got the super gameboy with it.
That's one sweet deal, there is someone on craigslist selling it for $20 USD with all cables, two controllers and one game. Has some yellowing but I might restore it.
Mine has a bit of yellowing to it also, sounds like a good deal to me mate, u should get it, im planning on making room for my dreamcast nxt, my tv has a vga socket and so its better than scart but those vga boxes you need also arnt cheap!!!!!!.
I've been living in apartments over the last 6 years, so I chose to convert my office in the new house I moved in to. Here's my humble mancave.
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I have new toys on the way and the last thread like this is so old the pics are waaaay out of date. I'll update when everything's wired up. Kudos to the people with tidy set ups.
England is my city

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