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I picked this one up for PC since my cousin talked me into it and they support up to 64 players online. This was Day 1 footage and I never play FPS on PC so that's my excuse for sucking. Game is a blast though!

Me in the Attack Helicopter. Nothing special but at least I don't run it into the ground.

I've only been playing this on 360, but it has been great. I've played a good amount of every class and vehicle, so I'm pretty well-rounded. I would definitely suggest spending some time getting the first couple of unlocks for the classes and vehicles so you can be as useful as possible.
Hey looks cool! The whole multiplayer battle thing sounds fun. I don't usually play these games, But your videos had me kinda "Itchn" To see more. Upload more dude!
I only got this game yesterday so have hardly touched it, i had to choose between bf3 or mw3, wasnt a hard choice for me really.
It does look awesome guys! I'm happy for those who bought it. I'm sure everyone around wants to jump on me because I didn't buy BF3 and bought MW3 instead, but I think both are great games!

If it wasn't for Skyrim, I'd even have more time to play an FPS! :P

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Nice video's thanks for uploading them!

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