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All right. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been obsessively glued to a screen since friday's release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's one hell of a quality game, and those that were waiting with bated breath have not been disappointed.

It pleases me greatly, and although I own the PS3 version, I'd like to hear from all console owners out there!

Let the Worship begin.

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Hey Killak. I haven't played Oblivion yet, So Skyrim will have to keep waiting unfortunatley. I have been following Syrim's dev team on the Bethesda Blog, And it does look superb. Alot of the people I follow on twitter are raving about it, Too. Iv'e played Fallout 3 and NV, And really love those worlds, So playing Oblivion will be a total change for the vault dweller in me. Got RPG??
It is an amazing game, although it took me a little while to get into it. Here is an example from last night for me:

Last nights epic battle. I'm working my way to this location way off in one corner of the map escorting a dog. I lost my partner in the city. I think she stayed in the castle. So I see a couple dragons flying overhead as I approach this fort. Not thinking it is a big deal as I have found as long as I don't attack they leave me alone. As I approach the steps two spirit warrior types attack me. No problem what I didn't know is this stupid dog attacked a giant behind me. Then a saber-tooth tiger jumps in the mix. I'm starting to get worried at this point. I start moving to the rocks and pull out the bow to help get the tiger off the dog as he is now double teamed. Then a dragon lands in the middle of this and attacks everything. So I just sit back in the rocks and fling arrows as fast as I can...

I Take down the two Spirit warrior guys first....
Then take care of the saber-tooth... Dog is holding on and everyone seems focused on him...
Dragon comes next... I take a couple hits but down he goes... Hit level 30 in archery at this point...
Then after a long time I take out the giant. I have had my tail handed to me most times with the giants but I survive.

I went up one whole level with this battle... Crazy time and I was so surprised I made it.

This game is officially grown on me, I can't wait to get home tonight!
It is an amazing game, although it took me a little while to get into it. Here is an example from last night for me:
Originally Posted by dmiller68
crap... now i am probably going to have to go buy this.

I have not played any of the previous titles. Is it recommended I play those first? Or can I just jump right into skyrim ?
its good.
verry good.

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