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Hey GTN. About a week ago, I decided I had enough of M$, And therefore have made my PS3 the main box I game on. When I decided to do this, I also decided I would put all my eggs into one basket, So to speak, And focus only on earning trophies. Sure, I could use both systems and unlock stuff on both, But its just the thing about building on one console that has caused me to abandon the 360 altogether, And start fresh with Sony:grin:. I won't go into my own personal opinions on why I believe Sony is the better system, Because stuff like that is of a personal taste, And I would'nt want to offend anyone. So, As a result of shedding my LIVE Account, Which is now associated with a different gamertag, JackCellGamer is now a PS3 Man. I wanted to protect my handle because I'd like to trademark it someday, So the XBOX LIVE Account for JackCellGamer still exsists, Just with a "0" Gamerscore.

Sooo, My question is, Does GTN Have a PSN Card creator, Or something that tracks trophies? If not, I may look into having this account closed [Again] Because there is no point in belonging to a gamer site that does not support Playstation. This is a Fantastic domain, And It was Really cool using it. If there is even some plans to incorporate Playstion accounts in the future, Then Alright! That would be the cats tit. So just wondering about this stuff is all.
I've been considering this for awhile. I'd like to eventually add support for PSN and Steam accounts, but I haven't been able to get around to it. I have it on the radar for the next few months though. The system still has quite a few bugs in the Xbox Live syncing script. Soon, my friend.
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Terrific! Steam would be great for this...Lots of PC gamers out there.

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