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So just starting out with Fallout 3 on my PS3. Just reached level 7. When I did this game on the 360, I had deleted all my saves, Which I later regretted. All the information on my character was lost. So definitely glad to be building a new profile I can have for my "Fallout log". I tweet alot about my gaming adventures and other related topics. Check me out on twitter if you want and stuff. Oh, Another thing. I live in a community of about 60,000 citizens, And can you believe I could in no way locate a copy of Fallout 3 G.O.T.Y.?? I might have been able to of found it at Future Shop, But the girl there is like, "Its here, But I don't know where it is". Haha, Kids these days. But anyway, Had to order it from Should be here in a few days. Yeah, I could only find the hits version here, And thats what Im playing. If I wanted to download all 5 DLC's for this game off of PSN, It would cost %50. So the game cost $20...That be over $70! Like I said, Found a sealed copy online for just under 30. Could we see a new Fallout game this October? Bethesda seems to release one every 2 years on October. Wait and see im guessing. Cheers...
New Vegas was not made by Bethesda, so it may not be as soon as you think. I'd rather not even see one till next gen, frankly.
Yes thats right, My mistake!

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