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I remember when I first got a Wii to try it out. God... Red Steel, Zelda and Sports were EPIC... Even my mate who hated the rest of the Wii for eternity, LOVED wii tennis.

God... that game is so damn addictive... Nintendo have a habit of being able to do that... one really addictive and brilliant game...
Yeah, the Wii Sports bundle is outrageously addictive. My friend on here, Mike, has a Wii and it was hard for us to put it down. We were playing the game until dawn. There's only a few games out there that has been capable of doing that to me. And one of our friends passed out while trying to play Wii Golf. He was still trying to play even though he was asleep and without a controller. Wow -- Good times.

Oh, I forgot to mention we were all a little intoxicated. :cheers:

But I will admit that the game is incredibly fun sober or not. The game alone gives me a very solid reason to pick up my money and invest it into a Wii.
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Yeah... games like Wii and Guitar hero... for some reason your profiency is positively correlated with inebrtiation... hehe...

and who is Mike? Do I know him from before, Eric?

EDIT: and do you know how hard it is to think of feeder topics for all the forums... :-P I thought having a feeder would encourage posting, so... meh... I'm slowly getting stumped... lol
Halt citizen, how do I mine for fish?

And you don't know me. If you do, erase it from your head

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