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...I am asking people who have them to kindly share their Steam account names, It'd be nice to frag some of yous in CS/CS:S/TF2 sometime!

Hell, we could also make a Gamer Tag Nation community on steam!

Mine's "The Archanist", but I play on my brother's account because he's got a goddamn greater amount of games on his steam account.

Out of those three, I only play CS:S rarely. The game I play the most online is HL2: DM because I'm pretty good at it, whereas I suck at CS.
Ive been using steam for the past couple of days and at first the only problem was buying Max Payne 2 but thats because i didnt realise that the cheques i put in my bank a couple of days ago hadnt gone through.

I downloaded CS: source and at first it worked like a dream but today it wouldnt work so here i am trying again by re installing it and the game. hope it works this time as its sooooo much fun, might get Condition Zero again but after Source I'm not too sure.

I'll report back in a couple of hours. Although I like the store thing, never knew that was there and that games are stored in your account. Ahh the joy of being a "noob" PC gamer haha.
England is my city
Got Half Life: Source last night. Its HL1 in all its glory but with an update from the HL2 Source engine. So there are now proper physics and slight visual improvments. its only $10/£5 so its well worh it in my view ive missed that game. Plus you can get the expansion packs.
England is my city
ID: Rolodex
Women Drivers, no survivors.
steamid: cmdfirespade
clan: Camaraderie (|CmD|) CS:S Clan

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