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Hey everyone. Im still partying even though my birthday was yesterday, So I feel like typing.
I've decided to start over on my 360. I recently picked up a PS3, And have really enjoyed that system, ALMOST as much as my XBOX.
I actually bought the Playstation 3 just for the Uncharted series. Heavy Rain was a factor too. Then, I discovered the Splinter Cell
Trilogy in HD. I really like Splinter Cell. The first Splinter Cell was my first game on XBOX, And the reason I got started on that system in the first place. And the added trophy support really added to my decision to start using the PS3. The added
3D Support for movies and the handy PS3 Media Server app all kind of grew on me. The reason I started fresh on my 360, Was because
I had games on there that I didn't intend on completing, And games I shouldn't of even bought. So then I thought, How can I divide my time
equally and productively on these two systems? And I decided to reserve single player games for the PS3, And games
that require you to go online to unlock certain acheivements, For the 360. I do prefer acheivements over the trophy
system, But also find that the trophy system is more organized, And makes more signifacant recognition for completing
a game 100% of the way. That would be with the platinum trophy.

Anyway, Im currently at 0 gamerscore, And 0 trophies. I only had about 6600 gamerscore, So its really not a major loss. I feel its totally worth the loss of time, As I can get the most of these 2 systems.
the next thing will prolly be games for windows, And picking up a ViDock for my laptop so I can enjoy those PC exclusives, Too.

Time to get to work, And get some serious game sessions in. Cheers yo!

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