Gearbox Details Deceased Fan’s Role in Borderlands 2

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Gearbox has revealed the role that Michael Mamaril plays in Borderlands 2. Mamaril, a 22-year-old Borderlands fan who passed away from cancer last year, received a touching eulogy from Gearbox in late 2011. At the time, Gearbox said Michael would be included as a non-playable character in Borderlands 2 but didn’t offer any details.

Now, during its Community Day over the weekend, Gearbox revealed exactly how Mamaril will live on. Players will encounter Michael in Sanctuary, a town that serves as a home base where players can buy guns and supplies. During each conversation with Michael, players will receive a rare piece of loot, as well as an achievement/trophy called “Tribute to a Vault Hunter.”

Borderlands 2 launched on September 18th.

That's really cool of them. Nice going, Gearbox.
Yes Nice one Gearbox R.I.P Michael Mamaril

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