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With the start of 2013 fast approaching I thought now would be a good time to ask you guys what your gaming new year's resolutions are.

Personally, I pledge to finish games before starting on a new game. The number of games that I've bought and barely played is getting pretty ridiculous now, so I hope to work on that in 2013.

What about you?
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That is funny. I read the subject line and thought of the exact same thing prior to reading your post. I think my stack sits at 9 games right now, have to get them beat by march (GTA5).
To get back into gaming properly...
not to be a ass on xbox live
20,000 gamerscore.. Sounds like a good goal to me Smile
300,000 gamerscore before next new years.

I would also like to play a game of something with you Eric So i can get the Badge for playing with you in a game.
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Try to get my completion to 70%. Every time I get close, I buy a new game....
I would like to get my completion rate up as well but its so difficult to go play old games when new stuff keeps.coming out!
To raise my completion percentage above 70% and to go over 200 k
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