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I haven't finished the campaign yet, but I have played a couple ACTs and I must say I like this game. I'm already level 14 online and I actually enjoy this game more than the previous Gears of War games.

What's everyone else's opinions on Gears of War 3?
I played the first Gears, but I'm not very interested in the series, so I haven't played 2 or 3. I hear nothing but good things about 3, though. The survival mode looks fun.
I really enjoy this games as well. This weekend I plan to record some of the new horde and beast horde. I think I am almost to Act 3 in campaign, friends keep pulling me into Verses Matchmaking. The campaign is quite funny at times as well.
When your playing the campaign and walking through the playground, go up to the slide. It will let you go down it, lol. I believe it's ACT 1 or ACT 2.

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