Lost Relics Achievements List

Gears of War: Judgment

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Golden Artifacts - 30G
  • Win public/ranked game of Execution on Museum with all players using Gold character and weapon skins
For Gorasnaya! 20G
  • Score 5 flags in BT as Paduk

Flag Dropped 20G
  • Kill the flag carrier a total of 20 times

Look What I Found 15G
  • Get a kill with each pickup weapon in FFA during a single game on the map Lost City

Flag Runner 25G
  • Score a flag cap on Streets, Rig, Gondola, Library, Lost City, Museum, and Checkout

Drop the Mic 50G
  • Finish wave 10 of Survival at the first e-hole on Ward on at least Normal difficulty
Dread the Rage 10G
  • Get a multi-kill while playing as an enraged Rager on Ward
Getting it Done 30G
  • Destroy the generator in under 8 minutes on any DLC map
You Can’t Hide 10G
  • Earn the Tree House Predator ribbon on Ward
Thanks! There was an achievement missing from the list:

Pendulum Wars (G 40)
Win a TDM, DOM, and BT match with your entire team wearing the UIR Armor skin

I've added these to the Gears of War: Judgment achievements page.

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