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so i was on twitter the other day n i seen the lead designer tweet about more dlc for gears of war judgement i hope not cause this dosent do the gears series justice n many ppl keep telling me i know nothing about gears well i do infact im nearing 1 million kills total in the 4 gears games i know a lil something but after i finish gears judgements oct 5th yes i will have the 30 events played after waiting nearly 7 months in short the game trash the multiplayer died 3 months n this prequel should have never been made im done ranting ty 4 listening lol
get-r-done payback is a mother
Yup, never noticed that knowing to much about Gears Judgment, but know about Gears in general.. Do you really think this is soo much of a surprise... I have completed the first two, but for some reason 3 and Judgment with these "required events" sort of piss me off... Its a shame sigh.. Maybe they'll give away the event achievement for Judgment like they did for 3 then I wouldn't have to do those..

Hey can you play the Mp with Bots like on 3 ?
well my buddies connection was really strict on gears 3 n it blocked any randoms from joining

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