How did you find GTN?

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How did you find GTN

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× 12 (12.63%) Found it surfing the net

× 35 (36.84%) Saw a link on another site

× 41 (43.16%) A friend referred you

× 5 (5.26%) Can't remember

× 2 (2.11%) Other - please state below

  • Added 08-18-2013 07:29 AM
  • 95 votes
my brother was referred. i was at his house when he signed up after he was done i signed up
People kept spamming my TA feed with referral links, so I finally took the plunge
Randomly signed up awhile ago when I saw a bunch of links of my TA feed. Now that 360v has kinda died, I'm actually checking the site out. So far, so good Smile

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