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One of the most terrifying urban exploration locales in my city here is known as the Charles Camsell Hospital. Named after a famous Canadian trailblazer, the hospital was opened up in 1946 to treat tuberculosis cases, primarily for the aboriginal community. It stayed open until 1996 when it was closed down, replaced by another hospital more central to the city. The place was left as if, all the staff, patients, just up and left one day, leaving everything behind. Books, pictures, flowers, paintings, everything. Beds were still seen to be made, equipment left all over the hospital.

Now, twelve years later, the place is a pretty torn up. The building has gone through a few owners, but for some reason, they always sell it shortly after. The building has been attempted to be demolished a few times, construction crews in and out of there, but something always stops them.

Being typical teenagers with a knack for exploring, we set out to check this place, and went with a little bit of history from it to make the experience even more terrifying.

There's a severe lack of pictures, we're going to collect more next time. Also, as will be mentioned in the story, we're heading back soon to venture in deeper and we'll be armed with a video camera. Enjoy!

So, the day starts. We pull up to the gated courtyard of the hospital, we figure we're fucked, it's not an easy gate to climb (plus, I'm not much of a climber). We scale around the outskirts of the fence and eventually find a hole in it big enough for us to fit through, so us three squeeze through and go in. When you enter the courtyard, you're greeted with this wonderful looking building:

Not very friendly now, is it. To get a better look of the hospital, front view:

That building is so intimidating up close, it feels like every window has eyes looking down on you.

Now, as you can sorta see in the picture, construction crews and the owners have made an effort to keep people out. Us being crafty, we head into the next locale to look for an entrance.

The boiler room was not a fun time. The room was absolutely covered in bird shit, plastered with drywall, glass and nails. First, we scoped up, then low.

Some nice, heart-warming graffiti. Made me feel even less terrified.

We couldn't get the top cabinet open, the rest were already opened with files scattered all over the room.

Another wonderfully strewn room.

You can see the mere mass of dirt on the ground, glass, and other shoe-friendly crap.

We didn't have the balls to go down there, it was pitch black (the camera flash doesn't do that any justice)

There's a few more pictures of the boiler room that I can post on request. Anyways, after looking around the room a bit, we found our path to the innards of the hospital. It was NOT a nice one. (PICTURE COMING SOON, WAITING FOR UPLOAD BY MY FRIEND).

What it essentially was, a pitch black tunnel, about as wide as your arm span, wires and shit hanging off the roof and covered in glass, and blood stains. Yes, blood stains (not the only occurrence of the day).

At first, we start to go down the stairs leading to the tunnel, and I almost cut my hand. Why? Some jackass has wrapped barb wire on the railing, I failed to see it in all the rush. We go down the stairs and start to look down the impending doom, when we start hearing a blood-curdling scream. We hear the door to the stairs slam shut, as we run back up the stairs and open it and run back into the boiler room. We take a deep breath, convince ourselves that it was just birds down there, so most likely just a false alarm. We venture down again.

We have absolutely no pictures of inside the tunnel, we pretty much ran the 500 meters into the hospital basement. Something about the tunnel, just felt so.. wrong, so bad. Once we got to the basement, we were greeted with some terrifying surroundings.

Yeah, really horror-esque. If you look to the near bottom right of the picture, part way down the hall, it really does look like there's someone in a mask looking straight at us.

The entire basement was torn up like this. Again, it was pitch black, but the camera flash makes it seem otherwise.

The atmosphere of the place alone is enough to scare you, or us. We were shitting our pants at this point, especially with the scream. We continue to look into some of those open doors, and that's where we found we needed to leave. We enter a room, and we look over to one of the walls. On it is a blood splatter and a trail of blood leading from the splatter, on the floor, then up the other wall into and out a broken window. We see this, look at it for a second, then we start hearing shit which was probably just because we were scared. We bolt.

We didn't get a picture of the blood, but since that's such a ridiculous sounding story, when we go back next week we'll be sure to get a picture.

Our goals for our trip coming up further expand this trip. We're going to venture up to the 4th floor, otherwise known as the Psychiatric Ward, as well as the Morgue. I'm terrified, but so intrigued to see more.


A huge airsoft battle in there would be awesome. Looking at those pics i wanna play a good old silent hill or condemned...something creepy. I'll be waiting to see morgue pics. I wonder what goes on there at night....
England is my city
THANK YOU BILLY! I was just thinking, "Airsoft or paintball MUST be done there!"

Amazing man.... looks like something out of silent hill.

Imagine that at night with airsoft and tactical flashlights. teams of four. Infinite fun.

EDIT: Just looked at the pics again. Amazing. I'd LOVE to explore it with you... I feel the urge to just up and leave everything and look around this place.

It makes me shiver nicely... lol
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yeah, wish there were more abandoned places round here.
England is my city
This was quite possibly the best post I've seen in awhile. Cheers to abandoned hospitals! :cheers:
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