The Douchiest Phone Message.. RLY

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So while browsing, I came across this gem.

According to Holy Taco:
The back story on this is that a girl named Olga was out with her friends in the Marina district of San Francisco (known for being a popular hang out for douches), and she talked to this guy named Dmitri for all of two minutes. Then she gave him her card and said “give me a call.” The above is the messages he left. Listen to the whole thing, it just keeps getting better and better. I won’t even tell you my favorite parts because i don’t want to ruin anything. Just listen.
And I think that sums it up. No spoilers here, just listen to it. Smile
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bllleeuuurrrgghhhh. douchebag.
England is my city
Good god, I want to find that douchebag and punch him in the gut. That was awful.
it is truly terrible. so up himself its unbelievable.
England is my city
truly, that woman didn't deserve such an incredible man. i'm sure she'll regret it for the rest of her life.
Why is there never a baseball bat around when I need to beat the crap out of a douchebag.

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