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Hey folks, head over the Veterans leaderboard if you have military service in your background. I don't think it matters what country, how long you served, or what you did, if you had the intestinal fortitude to volunteer, you should join this group. I am proud of my service, even though I was permanently disabled from it. I support anyone willing to die to defend their way of life, even law enforcement, fire fighters, etc... Living just an hour away from the Hot Shot 19, it's been real somber around here. Those boys, one of which I knew, died defending their homes and families from a threat outside of our control. When death is an option when you service others, you're a veteran.

'nough said.
I'm a sheriffs deputy, but unfortunately not a military veteran, other wise I would proudly join your leaderboard. Thanks for the nice words for everyone in the "service industry" though

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