Anyone hitting the Stores tonight?

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I'm debating on going to Best Buy to see the madness as I don't really see any good deals I need to buy. So I may go after I leave my brother's house tonight since I am practically right there anyway and just browse around real quick.
I hear BF4 is going to be $25, but not sure if that's only last gen. If it's the X1 price too, I'll grab a copy
I've done Thursday night before. Not worth it.

For Best Buy, I went ahead and bought what I wanted Monday and this morning, website and Elite Plus with Gamers Club Unlocked rocks!

Skylanders for $39 for the 3DS was a good buy.
I ended up not going to Best Buy last night, but I did order the 360 Slim Bundle for $200 with 4 games, headset and a controller. Good Deal.
Nope. I went to Ace Hardware and got some awesome tools for home jobs. Got $180 worth for only $50.

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