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Ian messaged me via xbl and requested I apologize on behalf of him for the lack of challenges this month. His PC took a turn for the worse, and other concerns arose, seriously preventing him from managing the things he normally does. He states he'll return very soon, and has requested we play on in the meantime.

If you need to contact him, pm him here will take a longer response, so utilize xbl message system to your advantage.
So who's running/ keeping track of the Xbox One competition?
There is a post about Xbox One Achievement tracking, and I think it's a matter of waiting for official word from Microsoft on how third party sites access their Achievement / Challenge data; so the competition mighty be a bit retroactive, once all the pieces are in place for Xbox One tracking.

I, too, am excited to see, though, as I think I might be competitive in sheer volume as I purchased a good number of games at launch. If only my son would sleep through the night, I would have a bit more time to play, but I keep getting interrupted during my sessions to put him back down. Because of that, I can count on one hand the number of online Battlefield 4 Matches I've played.
BTW, thanks for the update porche. Hope everything is good with Chaotikilla.
Yea I saw the other post just after I posted here...and I wasn't too worried about it.. I'm also in the same boat as you, bought the one and got 7 games and yet it seems like every night I get dragged back into my 360 games by people wanting to boost...which in itself is not such a bad thing I guess..

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