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Here is an interesting article I saw on Forbes that pointed something out that I did not notice before:

It’s interesting that Microsoft MSFT has allowed nearly their entire stable of exclusives to go on sale while there isn’t a PS4 game in sight, exclusive or otherwise. Sony must believe everyone is willing to pay full price to stock their PS4 with games
It points out one of the reasons that I stick with the Xbox over the PlayStation, because I believe that Microsoft made a new console while Sony didn't make a new console, they made a console sequel; a promise to be bigger, bidder, more explosion-y, but will fail to live up. I truly believe that I two years time the Xbox will evolve to a future device, while the PlayStation will simply age.

I see Microsoft remaining competitive, such as the sales mentioned in the article above, and pushing forward with a digital competitive marketplace, with better digital sharing options. What do you all think?
That's a rather insightful observation that I normally wouldn't associate with, considering my distaste for 'fanboy' discussions (Not saying this is one, just in general) and that am finding myself even more surprisingly agreeing with. I think the new console generation has shown remarkable technology advancement displayed effectively via Microsoft and even the Wii U, but, like you say, the PS4 is merely a small upgrade to the existing console. The One has room to grow, where PS4 really doesn't. They are both impressive machines, and gaming will be changed forever again with them, but I think Microsoft sees a bigger picture for the future of the gaming culture, not just gaming, like Sony sees.

Thanks for bringing this article up. +1 like if I could Big Grin
I am a fanboy... of GAMES! And Sony has never impressed me, EVER! And to be clear I've had nearly every console from Pong, Intellivision, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and MS.

PS1 = Dreamcast power w/ CD drive, N64 controller double the bumpers, double the analog sticks
PS2 = more powerful PS1; same controller; upgrade drive to DVD.
PS3 = more powerful PS2; same controller (don't say 6axis); upgraded drive to Blu-Ray; copied achievements retroactively
PS4 = more powerful PS3; can't upgrade drive; added touch screen to the same controller; trying to copy XBL

Sony never INVENTS anything (except the Walkman)! It's good business to mimic what your competitors are doing, but it doesn't make for cutting edge machine. The used to rip off Nintendo & Sega, now they rip of MS. It's a SAFE machine, it's the "me too" machine - e.g. PS Eye (bad Kinect) or PS Move (better Wiimotes). Most people prefer the safe thing instead of being early adopters to new technology.
I wouldn't say ever; I really liked Heavy Rain (and that style of experience). I would love to play Beyond: Two Souls. Now, those are software, and not hardware, they are Sony products. And Sony has also made solid PC MMO games (Planetside).

You do make a good point though, that it's a "safe" box, and they rely on 'proven' technology, a la Wii-mote & Kinect. As far as it goes, they are doing quite a bit to get developers on their side this generation, which is good, but the route they took with their messaging didn't strike a chord with me, as if I wanted to play the small indie games they are touting, they are usually just as available and cheaper on PC.

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