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I see many guests viewing the forums and website all throughout the day, why aren't you signing up? Come on people, it takes a matter of seconds to register here, and think of what you can enjoy and become a part of? A fantastic and growing online community of gamers, fantastic features and countless continual updates.

Registration is painless and FREE, So take the plunge and sign up today! you'll not regret it. I'd like to have some online games setup aswell which i'd like members to join in with. If you have any worries or problems with signing up or with general questions about anything xbox360 and the site, send me a message via xbox live (GT: DrD3V1L) and i'll do my very best to help you where i can.

Click here to register, and join one of the best online gaming communities there is!

Oh yeah on an ending note, the first 100 guests to sign up also get a lovely ornament to show off to everyone else! I have mine, come and get yours today!!!
The above post is sponsored by me.

Fresh Bananas, for the whole family.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
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