GTSC 2014 Team interest?

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Good idea on the thread, B8TINGU. I've created a new thread for official discussion in the Gaming section of the forums at:

I say it's the official Gamertag Nation team, but do remember we are the unofficially official GTN Community team, unless some grand gesture is made by Eric.

As for scoring requests, I plan to track the stats, and take a look at what we might need to do, and post some encouragement, but I do not plan on getting mad if unable to change habits or plans to accommodate. I just hope to provide a run down of what will be needed, and see what we can do from there.

If you want to put off some 1000's for different weeks in the competition, feel free to do so, but I'm not going to ask you to if you don't want. Remember, this is for fun, Gaming and competitions shouldn't be a chore, we're not doing this professionally.

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