I noticed a filter change!

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I assume this is a big thank you to Eric! Party :hugegrin:

Filtering on badges (active, locked) used to give me SEVEN pages of no more than 10 each, now I get just two pages! MUCH better.

Just wanted to let you know, people notice these things.
This has been here for some time. But is very useful.
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Cool, I'm glad that's working better for you now. This is just one of several updates made to the site last night. Smile
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Eric knows what I'm talking about and I pull that up nearly every day so I'm going to say he's right and it changed last night Wink
Yup, Kaens is referring to the Locked/Unlocked filter on the Badges page: http://www.gamertagnation.com/badges

It wasn't displaying the results correctly.
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