so who wants to...race? 100k/200k/300k

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So, I did this when I was on the verge of 100k and it was supposed to be a friendly competition to race to 100k but then it exploded and I had all kinds of gamescore wanting in and I'm not the kind of guy to say no to nice it was a friendly race to the next great milestone...

So I was wondering if any of you great gamers out there want in for bragging rights..and maybe a little motivation..sign ups are easy, just say you want in on this thread and then every so often post your next milestone until the target is reached...

Ths starts effective immediately anyone is welcome.

I forgot to say I was at 179K, but then I also didn't see that under our names is our
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race to 200k? im game lets do this
get-r-done payback is a mother
just hit 175k today btw
get-r-done payback is a mother

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