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So we're all likely working somewhere or doing something in order to pay for our massive collection of porn games, right? And so the official "What is your job?" thread was created.

You got that right.. What is your job? What do you do? Where do you work? And most importantly, are they hiring? You guys start first..
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I'm unemployed as no one wants to hire a student whose gonna leave after a few months. My most recent work (that paid) was in the Marketing department of Bloomsbury Publishing (the harry potter people). but that was ages ago. So right now i volunteer at an oxfam bookshop, price what were £12 books as £3 and buy them later.
England is my city
Right now I'm on my internship in Brown's Hotel, which was the first hotel build in London (1837), and is rife with diplomats and celebrities (Halle Salase (sp) Stayed there when exiled from Ethiopia, and Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book there). The cheapest room is 450 pounds a night, right up to our famous Kipling Suite which is 3200 pounds(6400 Dollars) a night. Right now, I'm basically in the kitchen, moving to private dining and then to our 100 pound a head restaurant, and our Bar.

Yeah... it's a badass hotel. But in the end, I;m only getting 1100 pounds a month... which is alright... but I hope to go there for management training in my second internship... IF these are successful, I may even join the management in the collection (only around twelve five and six red star hotels). Wahey for success!

And to think Mr Horan used to call me useless in class and my grades were mediocre.

Plus I'm trying to get Simon a job there... :P

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I'm currently unemployed, but I just want to be a fucking bagger/stocker in a shitting grocery store, ffs. >=(

but who knows, maybe one day I'll be a rockstar. : D

Right now, I'm just a barista at Starbucks. I hate my job, because my manager treats me like shit for no reason. I've not ever crossed her, I always do what she asks/demands, I've never been late, etc. Bitch just hates me. And she's fired all my friends or driven them out of the store. So even the shortest four-hour shift takes forever.

I'm not even a real student anymore. I've already I'm going to take a few classes, because I need the health benefits from my mom, but I'm not going to take them seriously.

However, I am going to apply for a California substitute-teaching permit hopefully I can quit Starbucks.
Try and come to the UK, Exo. Lots of good jobs here, especially for one so interested in culinary arts.

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I'm paying for my daily expenses, monthly rent and everything you see on here doing 2 different things: Being a freelancer and working a customer service representative job here in Dallas. I speak to a lot of different people with varying accents. Most of the customers I talk to are Indian (haha! tables turned in terms of customer service, eh?) and Iranian and being a man from Texas, it's hard as hell to understand everyone sometime. But hey, it pays the bills for now.
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