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its clear something is screwed up in the tracking system ive been on here 8 months now n i have logged in n made at least a comment or forum post every day for that 8 months n now my log in is at 0 again the 4th time now it should say 224 of 250 days logged in im asking to have these 4 log in badges completely removed or retired or whatever cause its a waste of my time to log in every day n the system dosen register it
get-r-done payback is a mother
Sorry to here this bud. Don't despair too much though, its happened to me and I think Porsh too.. I'll see if Eric can look in to this, but don't rule out human error either... I know I was well over 120 days when it happened to me, when I checked it was clear I had post for everyday, but then it happened again a few days later....but this time I checked and found no evidence of my presents on the site so thus I just must've missed a day.. My solution...use the daily keep my steak thread first before posting anywhere else.
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will do bro
get-r-done payback is a mother
I continue to not want to jinx myself, but I'm at 212 and have logged in every day since joining the site. I don't post anywhere near as often as you and I go long stretches without posting. Maybe it's a time zone thing, that was pissed me off about 360voice streaks and repeatedly loosing them there.

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