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My username comes from my actual first name, Eric. The gamertag, heartcxre, is from an indie clothing line known as Heartcore. I was just feeling "punk" so I added an 'x' in there. I think that it only confuses people though. My avatar comes from my gamer picture, which in turn is the Rockstar Games logo. Who doesn't love the developer of GTA?

What about you? Do tell, I insist.
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Blank Planet is part of a name form a Porcupine Tree album called Fear of a Blank Planet.

My avatar came from when i typed Blank Planet into google. This was one of the many pics i found.
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I first used the user name Killak back in 1999 when I was a member of EoFF (Spelled first "Kilak", then "Killak" for ease of pronunciation. If you're wondering, it was the name of my first Character back when In used to play D&D). When Rei and I moved to FFR in 2002, I kept it, and I've been using it ever since!

I found my avatar when I typed in "Hellsing Avatars" on google. It has NOTHING to do with Hellsing, but was MUCH more badass then the actual Hellsing ones, that I had to have it!

EDIT: Eric, what ever happened to "afterlab"?


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As you should remember from the "What does your Xbox Live Name mean" thread, I still have no clue where I came up with The Archanist from, all I know is that it sounds bad ass and I'm going to keep it that way.

My avatar has just now been changed to the character Spider Jerusalem from the comic book Transmetropolitan which I've recently started reading (I started with the first collection yesterday, and am currently on the 7th collection). If you haven't heard of Transmetropolitan, then I suggest you should have a look into it (if you're into comic books of course), the comic is full of the darkest humor and thought-provoking ideas, and the artwork is incredible.
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Gamertag: Refer to Musewiki

Avatar: on the boards, Bellamy of Muse. On my gamertag, I was just looking for something that didn't look like it hopped out of a shit selection of vectors. Mind you, I'm not exactly in love with it.

Username: Zack of Crisis Core. I'm thinking of having it changed to Casanova or Delorean, though.

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