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So, I was going through my half-dozen or so reviews and notice they all have thumbs down. I am curious to those of you who have read mine (if any)... can you let me know anything I should add to improve them?

Just looking for ideas...
I'm not saying that I rated your reviews as a thumbs down (don't know if I did, mouse over doesn't really tell me), but my feedback would be that the reviews are very short and lacking substance. To me, it's more of an overview not a review. Eric himself writes reviews like this and I asked 'what qualifies as a review', but it seems pretty open to interpretation.

There is a comment section, but if people are giving you a thumbs down, my advice is just don't worry about it. If the consensus was thumbs down then you should worry about it, but people love to hate on the internet so don't stress. Your uDraw review has 18 thumbs up and only 1 thumbs down. I can't even believe 19 people care about uDraw so you should be happy overall I think with your results.
I think we had a PM convo on this, but to be public about it, I am not one who likes short one line reviews. As Stated by Kaens up there, those are overviews You need to be able to break it down, some people do an awesome job of this others go overboard, its a balancing act. Reviews should hold the attention but not make you bored either. I have grown and I still am screwing up reviews lol, but hey it's the trying part and constructive criticism, so just remember to not take it too personally.

Personally I look for these major areas:

Graphics, Mechanics/control, Achievements, Story, MP and personal interpretation.

After that depending on the game you can put in stuff like:

Sound, believability and Misc.

A good solid paragraph is good for each of the major reviews at least.
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