When is not breaking the rules, breaking the rules?

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Random poll for no reason

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× 17 (33.33%) If people talk about it or in it, it's not spam

× 3 (5.88%) If it's a complete copy/paste job from someone else, it's not spam.

× 31 (60.78%) Still don't get it...

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To post on Dacoto's side. He did do it the right way. He post a thread asking for a filter. He mentions it is because spam on the site is allowed. Mods come to that thread and basically say, you cannot spam this site because nothing is spam.

People in the thread argue that some stuff is spam, again, mods in the thread say no, nothing against the site rules to post stupid posts just to boost post count.

People in the thread argue, well, maybe there should be a rule.

Nope, we will give you filters, eventually, but spam is allowed.

So, dacoto spams. And, a mod that never voiced his position before sends dacoto a private message that contradicts the only mod that is actually visibly active in the forums. And, honestly, that is what the site needs more than anything, some of those mods actually helping B8TINGU.

Oh, and for the caveat of starting a discussion, QN has plenty of 0 response threads, and now has his alternate account posting in them.
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You're welcome to reread B8's post, as there's nothing he says that condones breaking the rules. A line about the frequency of posted profile comments does not "basically" mean post whatever you want. As I've said before, the behavior of others doesn't excuse your own, either.

It's also worth pointing out that just because you may personally find a post to be "stupid", that does not necessarily qualify it as spam. If it's a grey area, the staff typically ends up talking about it, as I mentioned in a previous post.

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