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My latest project is rebuilding a 20 year old Wrangler (95 YJ). I'm slowly but surely getting the old girl whipped into shape. Just got the new front fenders put on this weekend, along with new hood latches. Next up is the windshield assembly since it's showing a good bit of rust. Quadratec sells the entire assembly...frame, glass, seals, etc for $309 and at that price, it's easier to replace than repair. I'll have to have it painted but it's still worth it. Then this winter I'm hoping to get to the suspension (new shocks, leaf springs, lift kit) and new tires & wheels. I've already got it looking half decent for a 20 year old vehicle but I'm not remotely close to being done yet.

So far I've put a new clutch in it, new sync rings in the transmission, replaced the rusted out front fenders, added a new stereo and overhead speaker bar, and a few small odds and ends. Still a long way to go...

When I bought it...

After fenders replaced....

Oh, and at some point I'm most definitely adding this mod (found on a Jeep Freaks page on FB).......

Instagram: @tat2dtrash
Twitter: @SG_Steelhead

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