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I'm sure many of us have worked in Jobs where you recieve tips, bonuses, or maybe even gifts from customers!

And, there must have been the REALLY lucrative customers, and the really tight-fisted ones. And the plain unusual ones.

Which is what I just got.

Today, I was host for COTY executives and directors, a company that owns the perfume rights for names like Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Gwen Stefani, Chloe and so on.

They were VERY impressed with my work today (7am till 10pm), that they gave me a gift!

In fact, they gave me around 350 pounds (700 dollars) worth of new and even some unreleased brands of aftershave (and one perfume... o_O).

Here's the list!

5 bottles of Calvin Klein, Man. (Aftershave)
5 bottles of Davidoff Adventure (Aftershave)
1 bottle of Davidoff CoolWater Freeze me (Aftershave)
1 bottle of Davidoff CoolWater for Women (a nice present for my friend Marina, I suppose.... o_O)

This all racks up to a highstreet total of around 350 pounds!

I heard that because millionaires, billionaires and celebrities stayed at the hotel and held meetings there, the tips were generous.

But this is just plain, old fashioned MENTAL!

I'm chuffed. They said I'd earned every penny of it, and didn't believe when I said it was my fourth day on the job!!! I must have really made an impression!

Now, for your stories of generous, plain small, or unusual tips/gifts!


Wow... just found another bottle at the bottom of my bag.

Secret Obsession (Women.)

So now I'm guessing it's worth a bit more now.

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davidoff adventure is good.

Ive been working the past couple of weeks and have made £400. I got the first £200 in advance just for taking the job and even though i'd only racked up the hours for another £150 the woman is giving me £200 again because she says that's the maximum she can give per pay and she's impressed with all the research. so im happy.
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