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Anybody else having problems with the syfy app on xbox one working? just says network problem and wont load. I can use other apps so I know its not my connection
Yea I seen that, I still can't get it to work though for some reason
I wasn't able to play videos from the Windows 8 app for a while, and had some issues earlier on some of the videos within the X1 app, getting a general error that I should try again later.

Other videos were working. I think the app and service is running fine, I think it' might be a back-end storage/retrieval issue with SyFy DB of videos.

Only thing I really watch on there is The Wil Wheaton project, which is pretty funny. I would recommend it.
Mine just keeps saying network error and won't load and I've tried uninstalling and install back but still nothing. I like that show too but I couldn't watch it as my provider wasn't listed yet. I usually watch the cosplay show which they still don't have the 2nd part of the finale on

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