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If you could eat only one, which would you pick?

(You may not vote on this poll)

× 10 (35.71%) Beef

× 6 (21.43%) Pork

× 7 (25.00%) Chicken

× 0 (0%) Lamb

× 1 (3.57%) Fish (not shellfish)

× 1 (3.57%) Venison (or any other big game like elk or caribou)

× 2 (7.14%) Shellfish (e.g. lobster, crab)

× 1 (3.57%) Other: Please state (e.g. bison, frog, shark, rabbit, roadkill)

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Again, after wafflegate (and Labor Day weekend here in the US) we were talking about our weekend grilling adventures and started to debate. What is, the best meat?
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beef gotta have hamburgers and ribs. But you could also get ribs from pigs and pigs make bacon.
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Where is the all button?
Originally Posted by futiles
I'm with you on that one... Still seem to favor pork...
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