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List your favorite teams:

NFL: Miami Dolphins
NCAA Football: UTEP Miners and Texas Longhorns
NBA: Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs
NCAA BBall: UTEP Miners and Duke Blue Devils
F1 Racing: McLaren
IndyCar: Chip Gannasi
Soccer: Mexico
Liga MX: Santos Laguna
MLS: Seattle Sounders
WNBA: San Antonio Stars
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
MLB: Chicago Cubs
Serie A: Inter
BPL and La Liga: Still undecided

Yeah, I like a lot of sports
09-04-2014 02:21 PM StaffPremium
NFL: Miami Dolphins & Bucs
NCAA Football: Illinois and UF
NBA: Bulls, Heat, Magic if they were ever good
NHL: Lightning
MLB: Rays
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It might be worth mentioning where you live, too.
Dynasty Warriors: Jin
Samurai Warriors: Azai

and I'm from MichiganSmile

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NFL : lions and Steelers
NHL Red Wings
MLB Tigers
NCAAF: UofM Go Blue!!!!
NBA: Boomshakalaka
Nascar: Penske Racing
soccer: what is this?
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