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Being the curious person I am at 2:30 AM, let's spark some discussion! What is everyone's favorite time of the year?

While I'm assuming everyone loves Christmas time, I'd say my favorite time of the year is actually fall/autumn. Football makes it's return in the fall and the summer temperatures cool off into some mild crisp air. Texas is seriously a pain in the ass in the summer and winter so I figured the fall season had an advantage there. What do you think?
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i like winter and fall as well. i always like gray sky or rainy weather, but that happens just about any time of year here.
i like the cooler weather so winter more or less. cant stand the summer time heat.
England is my city
I love the night sky... even when it was snowing like hell in Switzerland, I'd get on my coat and go out. Which is why I like winter. Longer nights.

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-No School
-Girls always want warmth and guys have plenty to give
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The fall definitely. Not too hot, not too cold.
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