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Got to mark off something on my bucket list this past weekend. I've always wanted to gift someone a new car. I don't know why...I guess it always just looks so cool on TV Lol But Saturday I actually did it and it was as awesome as one would expect. My daughter Briana's 20th birthday was Sunday and her old Cavalier isn't in the best condition anymore, so we bought her a new one. I couldn't wait til Sunday so we took her out Saturday and showed her what I had stashed in Dad's garage....

Video of her reaction

Couple pics....

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That's amazing! I want to take care of my son like that, but it's hard balancing him needing to earn things to understand their value.
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I'm going to be that guy from the Subaru commercial when my daughter eventually learns to drive in 12 years or so. Congrats!
That is so awesome!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the reaction video

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That's amazing! I want to take care of my son like that, but it's hard balancing him needing to earn things to understand their value.
Originally Posted by Kaens
Oh, she got the payment book. I basically traded in one of my vehicles (an old Ranger) on it, along with a little cash, and she's responsible for the rest. It would have been more fun to actually gift it 100% but #1 I couldn't swing it and #2 I agree that kids need to learn some responsibility. She ended up with a brand new car that will cost her a hair under half-price.
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That is still a very nice gift!
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Very nice! If only Karma could have repaid you with a better game the next day :-P

It was painful.
I bet you will cherish that moment for ever SG. I enjoyed watching the reaction video and I am sure she will value the car a lot more.
I always love these types of are an awesome father.
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Nice, good job Steelhead.
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That's very supportive of you. She'll love that car forever. Even with some bills she'll always think about how kind you were when you gave her the car and it will make her payments easier to handle mentally It also has to lessen a burden on your shoulders knowing that your little girl is out there driving a safe car instead of a wrecked rig. The video was great, it shows that you have taught her to be thankful and humble, two qualities that will get her very far in life just like her car.

Way to go, bro!
Thanks guys. She's still loving it and has been doing a good job taking care of it. Patty & I gave her a gift certificate (Christmas) to get her windows tinted, which will make it look a lot nicer. I have a buddy who owns a tint business, so he takes pretty good care of me.

She made the deans list again this past session, so she's still doing well in school. Law school will cost me an arm and a leg, but once she's done our roles will reverse and she can take care of my old ass Lol

Back in March our local DA requested a student to sit in with her while the ADA was on vacation and Briana was lucky enough to be chosen. It ended up being a murder trial and she sat second chair to the DA, which was a great experience for her. I think it excited her enough to remove any question as to whether or not she's chosen the right path. She's pretty certain she has.
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