Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld made a commerical?

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If you watched the Giants and Redskin game, this weird commercial played

Fixed: Embedded the youtube video. [From: Eric]
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Women Drivers, no survivors.
I noticed it too. I remember hearing that Jerry Seinfeld was hired to do some Microsoft commercials, but dear God, what happened? This commercial was just awkward.
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Hmmm....would have expected more out of these guys. Those Mac commercials must be killing gates, I'm sure he laughs, but his competitive side is burning right now. This is an indication of that. Gotta come up with something better than this. oy.
They've released the second commercial recently and here's what that looks like:

Interesting to say the least, hmm?
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big money $$$
i want more out of these guys, the outtakes must be priceless.

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