505 Games Announces the arrival of Terraria for next week on Xbox One

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The Publisher 505 Games has just made official the arrival of Terraria on Xbox One this November. There will be a simple porting old gen, but a version that includes the 1.2 update enhancements in the game, along with exciting new features as detailed in official press release:

Dig, fight, Explore & Build with

Terraria on next-generation consoles!

The beloved action-adventure game bestseller is finally coming for PS4 and XBOX One!

Terraria, the critically acclaimed sandbox adventure game, debuts on next-generation consoles this month with an amazing amount of content, new features and over 1,000 more objects than the original console game. The famous 2D adventure with RPG elements to scroll horizontally, will be available in Europe for the PS4 Xbox 12 November and One on 14 November.

With more than 1,300 possible combinations to create objects, 150 types of enemies and bosses to defeat, 15 players will have hours of fun being able to literally dig to the heart of the Earth, using all the resources you will find to build amazing armor, weapons and other items. Users can explore huge worlds that hide insidious dangers including hundreds of enemies, magical creatures and powerful end bosses!

PS4 users also will be able to exploit the cross play with PS3 and PS versions of Terraria to kick off to exciting and competitive cooperative, with no limits on size, for the broad community PSN; This offer is further strengthened by an additional bonus to anyone who will buy the PS4, including for a limited time, free PS version of life, to play Terraria really everywhere!

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