Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

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Did you kiss your loved on at midnite?

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× 11 (32.35%) Yes, and we watched the countdown.

× 1 (2.94%) Yes, even though they were asleep.

× 1 (2.94%) Yes, in fact all three of my sister-wives simultaneously.

× 1 (2.94%) Yes, I love my pets.

× 1 (2.94%) No, though I did kiss Jenny McCarthy and tweet it.

× 1 (2.94%) No. Maybe? We were doing other "special" things.

× 5 (14.71%) No, please don't talk about relationships...

× 1 (2.94%) No, sadly someone had to work the Graveyard Shift.

× 3 (8.82%) I don't remember waiting on a game named 2015.

× 9 (26.47%) GAME FIRST, TIME LATER!

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Happy New Year! The year is 2015 for now, good luck remembering in these upcoming months.

I originally wrote the following in Evernote and then posted it to my Facebook page, but I thought I might as well post it here to add length to my post. I'm going to fill in a few blanks as I go along so it won't be as uniform as how it looks on Facebook because everyone I know seems to know most things about me there.

/I have Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes and because of that I end up living in hospitals half of the year some years. It's been my way of life for over 10 years./
I was in the hospital TWICE(!) last year. Granted it was the longest stay I've had, which concluded with surgery, it's so awesome I luckily only had to live there a little bit. It was my best year health wise even though it was such a suicidal head trip to the climax of entering 2015 with a bang.

Now in 2015 I have a grab bag of resolutions.
1. Be positive, if not mostly at least some.
2. Cuss in my speech as much as I do in my writing. /Online I try to be a saint, real life I'm a sailor./
3. Learn Yoga at the North Georgia Yoga Center´╗┐ with one of my best friends Mindy!
4. Start walking - For Christmas my true love gave to me a box of Dr. Scholl's Foot Inserts.
5. Clean, organize, improve, and remove clutter in our side of the house. /Because I can't work, my family lives with my wife's/
6. Read at least five books. one in order to learn, three biographies, and one set of fantasy.
Eats, Shoots, and Leaves - One of the best books teaching grammar.
Easy Street (The Hard Way) by Ron Perlman.
My Bloody Roots by Max Cavalera.
Have a Nice Day by Mick Foley.
The LotR trilogy - Though most people don't know about them, I've heard some good things.
7. Gamer related stuff. Look for more info at the bottom of this post for more. /Most people on FB I know don't play... weird./

That's it. I'm going to end with lucky number Se7en because I'll probably need the bonus luck.

What are your resolutions for this year? If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet I would place that in your list somewhere. Besides it's an easy one!

That's it. So, like MXC used to say... Get it on!

Gamer related stuff continued:
This pertains to Microsoft (mostly Xbox 360) gamerscore.
1. Have a gamerscore of >65,000 - it's 8,687 now though I only really started in the middle of Movember.
2. Fully complete >50 medium to hard Retail games. Which gives me 50,000+ gs.
3. Fully complete >20 Arcade games. Which gives me 6,000+ gs. 10 at 400gs 10 at 200gs.
4. Complete Win 8 games that don't require a year of dedication - Though I may ask my beautiful, intelligent, loving wife to complete games like Microsoft Sudoku which requires finishing a sudoku puzzle everyday for a year I think.
5. Tell my understanding wife how much owning a Xbox One means to me. Then ask her to talk to her buddy Santa on allowing me to receive it - I'm pretty sure she's friends with him in real life and on Facebook the same way as she's friends with the members and their wives of Crowbar and Down.
/ I complement my wife all the time, and I mean in wholeheartedly. So if it looks like I'm being facetious I'm not. /

I truly dig this site and I am enthusiastic about it. All of the stats, lists, and trackers are excellent, but I mostly love seeing everyone be kind and informative. Thanks for all of the help with my questions. I may as well add a resolution for myself to this site.
1. Be active every day and try to help those that need it the same way I've been helped by so many on here.
That sucks, Spectre. Hopefully you weren't alone. I remember a long time age when I was working at a retirement village in Gainesville, Fl on Christmas. I had to sleep thru the holiday so I could be rested for the night. I was around a few people, but everyone was morose anyways.

Have a happy new year anyways, bro.
Here's a copy-n-paste from Facebook...

Our resolution last year, "our" being Patty and I, was the most common one you hear...lose weight. Since we're down almost exactly 40lbs each, I'd say we followed through. This year's resolution is simple...don't accidentally find the weight we lost.
I other resolutions would be to attempt to be less negative about things in general and maybe to find a way to breath during the summer instead of working 100 hours/wk. That shit is going to put me in the ground early.
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Twitter: @SG_Steelhead

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